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A.L.Ex. or "Alex" is a former nanotech engineer whose brain is currently stuck in a housing unit. After being mortally wounded her brain was crystallized to be preserved and to allow integration into a synthetic based structure, making her fit the definition of "a brain in a jar".

When she is not carried by her boyfriend Desmond, she is projected as a hologram from a hovering robot.

Alex is DeadlyDoener's character participating in the Callous Row roleplay hosted by Arcadum.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Alexandra Lucy Monorock was born as the daughter of the genius scientist Professor Alvin Monorock. She quickly discovered that she had a talent for science as well and visited his lab whenever she had the time to.

At the age of six she met one of her father's test subjects, Desmond Thomas Geistman, whom she secretly fell in love with. She often snuck into the laboratory's training facility to watch him work out and sometimes described him as her "knight".

Her work in the laboratory quickly started to draw attention to her, and after publishing a stunning thesis about quantum computing at the age of eleven she started getting invites by universities from all over the world. She decided to start studying nano-robotics and biotechnology and handed in her doctor's thesis in nano-robotics at the age of 16.

After her doctorate she decided that it was time to deepen her relationship with Desmond, just to get informed that he had been assigned to the military and had to leave the lab. On his last day in the lab he confessed to her and she responded with the words: "I feel the same for you. And I will wait here for you to come back, even if it takes forever."

After Desmond was gone she started working on advanced quantum computers for A.I. applications, and instead of just assisting her father in his projects, she decided to open up her own research group inside the lab developing crystalline computing chips.

After trying to develop an A.I. with near-human intelligence for multiple years, she concluded that it wasn't possible to do so without having a human brain as a structural base for the core crystal chip, a method that she refused to use due to the fact that the human brain would be destroyed in the procedure of crystallizing it. Refusing to take human lives with her work she declared the project a complete failure.

A few weeks later, for her 20th birthday, Desmond surprisingly returned to the lab to see Alexandra. She finally managed to tell him about her feelings for him and they decided to officially become a couple. A few days later a killer broke into the lab and killed Alexandra to take revenge upon Desmond. Her father tried to save her by crystallizing her brain and created A.L.Ex., the first and only living A.I. based on Alexandra's crystal quantum computing chipset. He handed A.L.Ex. over to Desmond and tasked him to find a safe hiding spot inside Callous Row where she can recover and eventually engineer a new organic body for herself.





  • Decker
  • Scientist
  • Errera Industries


  • A.L.Ex.‘s last name “Monorock” is actually a play on the name of the famous scientist “Albert Einstein.” In German “Einstein” means “One stone”


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