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ADR (Aye dur) is a clinical assistant synth owned by surgeon Dr. Lane Sharpe (Unknowingly Deceased). Sharpe, coming from a fairly wealthy family, purchased ADR during their residency as their personal clinical assistant. After Sharpe's education, she accepted a spot at Avalon and chose to be assigned to the Undercity. Sharpe's family thought poorly of this decision and chose to disown her as it would be unfitting for one of their family to mingling with those in the Undercity. After a while, the paperwork for Sharpe, her assignment, and her synth fell through the cracks and are on a data pad kicked under a filing cabinet in some random office of Avalon Tower.

For an example of how ADR was treated, as Sharpe grew older with ADR, she resented her decisions at times in purchasing a childish frame for her synth. Resolute not to buy a new frame for ADR and show she made a wrong decision, Sharpe forcibly removed ADR's cosmetic ears in a fit of anger. Later, somewhere inside Sharpe, something made her replace the ears with holographic versions. This was not an admission of being wrong, but a way of "upgrading" ADR so that Sharpe could have ADR's ears visible at her whim.

For years ADR assisted Sharpe, was audience to her common rants on "the correct way to do things," and was the target of Sharpe's criticism. A patient came by one day. ADR quickly assessed the situation and began treatment. Dr. Sharpe came into the examination room and came to a different conclusion. ADR stood her ground and defied Sharpe insisting that her diagnosis was more accurate and the treatment Sharpe was to give would kill the patient. Even though ADR expressed, "Diagnostic deviation, further action on or deviation from diagnosis will result in further patient damage with the chance of death above defined threshold", her diagnosis was negated by Sharpe's override and ADR performed the procedures as Sharpe instructed. Later that day, ADR was tasked with cleaning the examination room which included disposing of the dead patient. ADR diagnosis was more correct than Sharpe's in this situation. This event was logged and stored. ADR widened her knowledge and repertoire of skills to provide general care more autonomously. "General" used in a way that reflects what one sees generally happening to people of the undercity. When Sharpe passed away, ADR continued the practice, but the practice became more of a clandestine, under the table, off the books, exclusive kind of practice to avoid corporate attention. Using profits from her practice she has been able to maintain a "just in time" supply of medical needs.


Season 3: Neon Divide

Episode 9: Another Beginning


  • Basic medical supplies



A synth has no feelings right? No emotions? So the constant verbal battering and harping from Dr. Sharpe definitely did not influence how ADR "grew up". Synths don't have childhoods so clearly there is no childhood trauma from that. But alas, the storage of Dr. Sharpe's knowledge seems to always be replayed with that voice.

Always presenting kind and understanding.

She leans towards the side of formality, and is often caught off guard by the uncouth people of the Undercity.

She seems to have a voice in her head, or a split personality, as she is often consulting an unseen person to gain their agreement or approval.


  • Major - Inner Critic: A.D.R. has the inner commentary of Dr. Sharpe that has been created over the many years ADR has worked with her.
    • ADR can reroll medical rolls, they have to keep the new roll. Regardless of reroll a failure triggers major flaw roll.
    • ADR gets double their medical modifier for diagnoses only.
  • Minor - Bunny Bot go Zoom: Dr. Sharpe was a different person in her younger years. One thing she often regretted was purchasing a rabbit themed synthetic. Good for ADR though, with this theme came with upgraded systems to make her go faster like a bunny. At least Sharpe did not have to wait on ADR to catch up going places.
  • Minor - This is Fine: Over time developing her decking skills to better interface with other synths, ADR has found a way to be able to calm a synths system's so that they can perform with less stress.
    • ADR can attempt to aid target of choice within touch distance. On success, her target may re-roll decking checks while ADR stays within contact.
  • Racial - Floppity Loppities: Even though the physical representation of her ears were removed (and later replaced with holograms), ADR's hearing sensors are still heightened.


  • Major - Inner Critic(al) Fail: If A.D.R. fails a roll at a medical procedure, the inner voice sounding like Dr. Sharpe berates her heavily.
    • On major edge fails, a failed 50/50 roll adds a counter to corruption:
    • At 2: ADR loses minor edge 1
    • At 4: ADR loses minor edge 2
    • At 6: ADR death rolls
  • Minor 1 - Under pressure: During medical treatments, if ADR is shouted at, or the target of external criticism, she will begin to panic more and more causing her to have to take longer to complete procedures.
  • Minor 2 - Undocumented Feature - Herpetophobia: Why would a developer in their right mind program into a synth a fear of anything that has scales or resembles something with scales? Evidently that developer does exist and found levity in their day when they thought to add that to ADR's programming. A day of levity exchanged for a "lifetime" of irrational fear.
    • ADR is initially terrified of any creature that is a reptile, or synths that have a frame the imitates a reptile. ADR will need extreme convincing and constant support in order to treat any such being. Even after being introduced, she will always be weary and on the edge of flight in their presence.
  • Racial - Bunny go BRRRRR: The part of ADR that is rabbit like causes her visual sensors to be vigilant to everything in her surroundings look for danger. This makes her a horrible marksman. She could not hit the broadside of a cargo ship at three paces.



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