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Ōtake Gin is the Oni Enforcer for the Galactic Union. It is his job to ensure the GU rules are being enforced and followed by all party's, regardless if it a corporate or a civilian. On the surface his primary goal is trying to keep the peace and to make sure the corporate don't step on the GU to much. In reality he just wants to continue earning enough to pay for his constant medical expenses and large food intake. He is portrayed by UnknownClink or Clinkman.


Ōtake grew up poor, Homeless and alone. He doesn't know what happened to his parents or his clan but he knows they weren’t there, and that’s enough. Growing up he scavenged for food and supply, and regularly got into fights with others. He usually used his Strength and overall bigger size to win, and slowly learned how to fight. After practicing on street thugs he decide to make it a profession, and started to work as a bodyguard. The more he worked the bigger the jobs and clients got. One nasty job blew a hole in his left knee, and almost made him unable to walk. He was offered cybernetic to replace his knee, but he refused believing that cybernetic was the easy way out of an injury. He now has to take special pills to run and walk properly. After making a name for himself after years of doing this job, he started getting work for wealthier and high class individuals. Eventually making enough connection he got in with the Galactic Union in it current state (after it lost the war) as a Enforcer, to help it look like the Union still holds some power.


  • Major - B.O.B Big Oni Boy - Ōtake is a very large oni, standing at 7’0”. He is Extremely strong and can carry a lot.
  • Minor - Tough Skin: Has a tougher, rock like skin that handles physical attacks a bit better than others.
  • Minor - Always Alert: Is always aware of their surroundings, can notice/hear better then most from years of experience.


  • Major - Old Injury: Has an old injury on his left knee, causing him to be unable to jump. Need constant medication to treat it, if medication needs are not met, he will lose the ability to run, and eventually the ability to walk. Hitting the left knee causes pain and loss of the ability to run as well.
  • Minor - Hungry boy: His body requires a lot of food to function. Will be snacking on something or going to eat when he is not needed.
  • Minor - Magic f@cking hurts: His skin does nothing against magic, and he takes more damage from magical attacks then most.